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SEO Training

Our SEO training is flexible to meet the demands of fresher’s and working professionals, SEO training can be started any time the date of enrolment. SEO courses and advance SEO training should have passion and interest in learning online marketing, online business and all its concepts. We offer a number of Advance & Corporate SEO training program in Patna this training will help you take advantage of and develop your own personal knowledge base in Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO training program are designed to bring you up to speed on how to Search Engine Operating.

SEO is relatively a new industry that started at the onset of e-commerce worldwide. It was not hard of even few years ago. But the situation has changed completely now and every business, despite their size, need support of strategic SEO planning to improve their visibility across web platforms.

SEO training courses comprises the internet marketing aspect and content writing, which would need flair for writing and strong knowledge of English language. The SEO training course focus on offering hands-on, industry exposure, that will help candidates find appropriate job placements after course completion.

Salaries for SEO and content writers have no boundaries for the right candidate. Job opportunities are available in SEO firms, as freelancers and independent consultants.

The scenario currently is that anyone can become a content or SEO expert. The result is mediocre and poorly written content and mislaid SEO strategy that fail to intrigue readers. The courses are designed to provide with right direction to students to write appealing, engaging and effective content that would improve ROI.

SEO Training courses cover both niche and wider aspects of the industry in the line of training. They blend theory with practice so that students learn the many ways to write a piece of content that would stand out in the crowd, making reader fall in love with it.

There are jobs getting created in the industry in thousands and graduates can take advantage of this progressive industry if they are property trained as per industry standards. Indian firms are catering to both domestic and international clientele and that demands professionals, learned on current market requirements and changing trends.

The opportunity of becoming a world leader because it lacked in proper training facilities and courses to help young aspirants become SEO experts. The situation however is changing because of some forward thinking SEO course providers—SEO Training Program is one of them. The institute assumes a leadership position in offering tailored professional SEO and content writing courses to graduates.


Who Should Attend Digital Marketing?


Professionals who need to understand Digital Marketing or get more out of their Digital channels.

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Global Alliances
Vocational Training

6 Weeks Summer Training

Program Structure:
The program is divided into 6 modules. Once a module is completed, the student automatically progresses to the next module.

Digital Marketing Course Coverage [6 Core Modules + Specialization Modules]

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training – Learn how to build brand, generate leads & aggregate audience on Social Media
Inbound Marketing Training – Learn how to attract & convert customers through by earning their trust through various techniques such as content marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training – Learn how to effectively run ads on Search Engines

Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training – Learn how to get website listed among top search engine results

Email Marketing Training – Learn how to effectively build your users lists, deliver emails & generate relevant clicks

Special Modules- YouTube Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Selling Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy & more…

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Placement Assistance

100% Placement Assistance

Getting a job in Indian companies or in any Multinational companies is always a dream for the engineering or any graduate student. This is true! Jobs in the market are becoming more and more competitive. It is worthwhile to do anything, which heads to pack all the things for getting a good job.

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